A Testament To My Years As Lead Singer Of The Drifters

Release Date: 2014-02-04
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Ray’s meticulous approach has paid off, and he is thrilled with the results of the Did You Ever Know Single; I have worked hard and long on this project and I just hope and pray that the public share my enthusiasm. Ray continues, Every track is a brand new arrangement and unique. I am excited at sharing the final cut with all my fans.

Album Review

I simply love listening to this album. Such a valuable work painstakingly made! The glorious voice and captivating know-how of Ray Lewis bring each word he utters to a life of magic. Energizing yet relaxing - gives the pleasure of live performance. An intense dosage - could really be broken down into 3 songs per album to absorb more thoroughly. Each song a hit - the more you repeat the more you enjoy.
- Had. A